The Holy Grail


Author: Juan de San Grial
Subtitile: The Universal Temple of Peace
Publisher: Asociación para el estudio de la Cultura Cátara
Book pages: 398
Lenguage/ Idioma: English/Inglés
Editor: WORLD OF SOPHIA (16 de abril de 2013)
ISBN-10: 8494013009
ISBN-13: 978-8494013003


«I have found the True Church and will never turn away from it. This True Church is the Grail. Oh, the Holy Grail, I gave my heart to you! I became attached to you as much! I see the sacrifices you have made. You are the twice-crucified Christ. You are the same Lord Who was crucified and the drops of Whose Blood flow into the chalice.» – Blessed John of the Holy Grail


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